Bucket Seat Covers


All sets (sold in pairs or by row) include all headrests and armrests, when applicable, at no additional cost!

L/B = Low Back. Refers to seperate headrests move up/down. These seats have a button on side of headrest base or whole which needs to be pushed in with a paper clip to release headrest.

H/B = High Back. Refers to a one piece seat where headrests are molded into the seat, thus non-moveable.

Solid Armrest = Armrest that is attached to seat, does not open for storage and may not move up or down.

Console Armrest = Armrest that serves as a console which opens for storage and may move up or down.

All sets include all of these pieces, if applicable, at no additional cost!

IMPORTANT: Openings for electrical controls are not made due to potential hazard, liability and aesthetic reasons. Electrical controls are accessible through the fabric without any problems.

Bucket Seats Reference Guide:

Bucket Seats: Plain bucket seats do not have elaborate contour details. May have separate headrests (L/B = lowback) which move up or down or be all one piece with built in headrests (H/B = highback). See owner’s manual for removal instructions). Scroll down to view actual pictures of bucket seatcovers installed.

Sportseats Reference Guide:

Seats with elaborate contour details. These seats have larger than norrmal side bolsters that hug.. Sportseats may also have recessed headrests and adjustable leg extenstions. Scroll down to view actual pictures of sportseat covers installed.

Captain Seats Reference Guide:

These seats are similar to bucket seats except they have either one or two armrests attached to the seat, a/k/a Quads when in rears. Scroll down to view actual pictures of captain seatcovers installed.

Important: Please be sure to know whether seats have Airbags. If unsure, refer to your vehicle owner’s manual or look for label/tag on outboard side of each seat. We provide a full opening for airbag deployment when specified.