Auto Organizer

Keeps Interior Neat and Organized in Style…..

Auto Organizer – Now you can keep car seats clean AND organized with our color coordinated Car Seat Organizer. Available in three sizes….each one ties across the headrest from one end to the other and for lowback styles offers additional support around the center headrest posts. The small fits perfectly behind all bucket or captain seats. The medium is designed to fit behind full bench seats of small pickups and SUVs while the large is designed to fit perfectly behind full bench seats of larger full size trucks and SUVs. Each feature three rows of re-inforced pockets in various sizes to accomModate many different items. The top row holds small items such as notepads, tissues, calculators, etc., while the middle row has deeper pockets for things such as water bottles, wipes, toys, etc., and the bottom row pockets are wide for maps, papers, magazines, etc.

Made in 3 sizes: S, M, L

Small: 18″W x 26″H (buckets)

Keep interior neat and tidy

Medium: 38″W x 22″H (for small bench)

Protects back of seats too

Large: 46″W x 22″H (for full size bench)