All materials used in manufacturing seatcovers are Made in the U.S.A.!

We pride ourselves in offering the utmost quality in the materials used in the manufacturing of all our automotive accessories. Our first quality highly durable and breathable blend of polyester/cotton (a/k/a canvas) similar to “blue jeans” which gets softer & softer after each wash and will never shrink is exclusively made to order for us and stocked in large quantities at all times. Thus, you can rest assured that your inventory will always match all newly ordered sets. In fact, your customers can order their front and rear sets months apart and they’ll still get the same shade of color. This blend provides outstanding durability, unsurpassed comfort and will not harm any vehicle’s original seats, whether cloth or leather. All materials used in the production of our seat covers are USA made.

Standard: Poly/Cotton Canvas Seatcover Colors






Light Gray



Dark Gray

Special Order: Hawaiian & Camouflage Canvas Seatcover Colors

Hawaiian Tan/Taupe

Hawaiian Green

Hawaiian Blue

Hawaiian Gray


Hawaiian Red

Hawaiian Pink

Patented Waterproof Logo

H2Out® Waterproof Canvas Seatcover Colors

H2Out Tan

H2Out Hawaiian Blue

H2Out Hawaiian Tan

H2Out Gray

H2Out Hawaiian Pink

H2Out Camouflage

H2Out Black

H2Out Hawaiian Red

H2Out Hawaiian Gray

INPORTANT: Two Tones, Hawaiian and Camouflage prints are “Special Orders” and will not be accepted for returns unless WE make an error on order. Be sure customer has viewed color choices in their vehicle before ordering. If you need sample swatch rings, please contact us or download Supply Request Form Here