CUSTOM TWO TONE SEAT COVERS can be ordered for any front bucket, 40/20/40 seat and some solid bench seats.  Not available for most split bench seats.  Call to inquire about availability. Cost of this upgrade is $40.00 and can be combined with any solid factory color, Camouflage or Hawaiian prints.

Tacoma LB Buckets
Dark Gray w/ Light Gray

Tacoma Two Tone Rear
Dark Gray w/ Light Gray

Custom Corvette
Black w/Red Center

Mazda Speed Rear DG/LG
Rear Bench Seat Covers

Kia Soul 2010 Black w/Red
Insert to Match Original Interior

Honda Pilot LB Buckets
Khaki w/Camouflage Center

VW Beetle LB Buckets
Hawaiian Khaki w/Khaki

Custom Ford F150 40/20/40
Khaki w/Black Center

Custom Embroidered Corvette Seat Covers

Dodge Ram LB 60/40 w/Arm
Rear Seat Covers DG/LG

Mazda Speed Sportseats
BK/ w/Light Gray Center

Nissan Rogue Rear Splitback
Solid Bottom Bench KA w/BK center

Jeep Wrangler “X” LB 60/40 Rear
Split Bench LG w/Red Center

Beetle Full Set Seat Covers
Khaki Hawaiian Seat Covers

Acura LB Buckets Two Tone
Palomino w/Hawaiian Blue

Acura TL Rear
PA/Hawaiian Blue

Kia Sorrento  LB Buckets
Light Gray w/Hawaiian Center

Ford King Ranch 2010 LB Buckets
w/Airbags & Electric Lumbar

VW Beetle Rear 2010 Rear
Bench in Khaki w/Hawaiian Khaki

Ford F150 2007 LB 40/2040
Seats Lt. Gray w/Camo Center

Mini Cooper LB Bucket
Hawaiian Pink w/Black Center

Ready to Order Custom Hawaiian Seat Covers for Car, Truck or SUV/Van

Two Tone seat covers warranted for one full year